What Is London Castle?

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London Castle is the online writing mecca for me, D.B. London. This site is designed to keep pace with both my work and the world of writing and publishing. To that end, LC offers current updates to my progress, thoughts on writing and the genres of fantasy and science fiction, and other authorian tidbits I hope you will find tasty and interesting.

Treat this page (and this site) as your online portal to all things D.B. London.

Here I track what I’m working on, resources I use to create my work, blogs about my work, writing, my family, and inevitably, Halloween. You can also connect with me across the nether of Social Media through multiple links:


I am a long-time fantasy and science fiction writer that is working on completion of my very first novel: The Q’Naulstae Saga: Age of Heroes. This book is a labor of love mixed with my passion for high fantasy and combines perfectly with my love of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. My debut novel is actually based off a series of long-lasting Dungeons & Dragons (and now Pathfinder) campaigns that span more than 20 years of actual gameplay.