On the Beginnings of Writing…

Image form joepeacock.com

Image from joepeacock.com

I’ve often heard some people say that writing is hard. I understand this, though I think the declaration requires a bit of clarification: writing well is hard. Writing to a purpose of creating something new and wonderful and magical, something that only previously existed inside your mind and the wispy ether of your dreams is the challenge.


All of us, each person that reads this or puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboards, has the capacity to write. The struggle for some will be what to write. For others, the hurdle will be how to write what I mean, so that others “get” it. Still, others will have far more mundane challenges such as free time or clarity of thought for a long enough period to accomplish writing.

Right, with me so far? Writing, in of itself, is a task, a mechanical process of moving ideas from non-material to material in some kind of medium. Monkeys could do it. Many of them better than me I imagine.

The trick, the turning point of writing is simple: you must write. All the time. Every day. Even if only a little — you must commit thoughts to words so they stare back at you in your chosen medium.

But why?

Because it is only in this manner that you can actually become a writer. Great story ideas, great concepts, and beginnings, the perfect setup, plot, hero or villain….all of those are great pieces of your writing. But none of them, alone, are writing. Writing is a commitment between you and your mind to dedicate time and energy to creating written content. No one, no matter the name, popularity, platform or profile, can successfully become a writer without writing. And thus, no matter where you are today, no matter how good, bad, or in between you think your writing is…none of that matters until you actually write something.


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