From Paw Patrol to Potty Patrol

This weekend has marked a milestone in the ultimate struggle between parents and our I-refuse-to-potty-train toddler, Nathan. That’s right, for the first time, evah, our son has not only voluntarily sat on his training potty, but has successfully used it  FOUR times! Yeah, FOUR. That number is infinitely better than 1, 2, or even 3…because it’s fracking FOUR.

Now for those that do not have kids and do not understand this particular struggle, my heart goes out to you in your eventual eternal struggle. Suffice it to say, potty training boys is almost never easy. Most would rather wallow in their own pee and…let’s just stick with pee, then actually learn to use a potty or make use of training diapers (which, by the way, don’t bother with as they are useless; they are still diaper, much less fun to get on and off, and don’t really help transition from diaper to underpants except to say that whatever mess they make in them will be the exact same mess they make in their underpants). In fact, why the Hell do we even have those things as a product?

Back out fo that rabbit hole…the point fo this entry was to celebrate with all of you that my son now knows how to pee in his “Big Boy Potty”.


Paw Patrol “Big Boy Potty”

And this has been made possible by almost 2 full seasons of Paw Patrol in one sitting. While the show is not terrible, it gets very old after the third episode. And we went through 15 of them before we finally got the glorious sound of his potty playing music – yep, music! See, the training potty plays music whenever liquid touches the little sensors inside.  This is awesome because it lets us know he’s gone potty – but a little less good if the toddler decides to stand up and celebrate, or just act surprised…while peeing. Yeah, that’s fun.

Buy some Resolve pet Stain remover, a few rolls of paper towels, and a crapload of patience. And as your scrubnbing, the floor for the third or fourth time, just keep telling yourself…Progress. It’s progress. Soon. very soon, no more diapers.” Then, go hit the secret stash of stress sugar – we always have double-stuffed Oreos and reward yourself for having patience and not losing your shit.

We’re one step closer, and that’s good because, after 3 1/2 years of diapers, we’re ready…



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