The Light Switch

I’ve made a few posts so far on the joys of being a parent and added a bit of humor with everything we’re going through trying to help my son to become potty trained. Some days it felt like trench warfare, with so much energy and resources expended with only yards or inches gained, if that. And the casualties were mounting: our patience, furniture, clothes, and general mental state.

We were up against a ticking clock with daycare needing to promote him to the next class – but only if he could show he was potty trained (No diapers in the Three’s room). Everyone said you can’t force it upon him, that kids have to make the decision to want to go to the potty – to want to be a big boy. Our best friends and his godparents even described it as something like a light switching flipping on. They just go from diapers to wanting to be potty trained.

They were not kidding. About three weeks ago my son decided he wanted to use the potty, at home and at daycare. Suddenly, big boy underpants and using the potty were important to him. BAM: Light Switch. Since then it has been a completely new experience. No diapers during the day, and now not even at nap time. Almost no accidents in his clothes and he tells us when he needs to go, pulls his own clothes off and does his business. And THAT is some kind of amazing. Now my boy is a little man going potty like a big boy, and we just got to cancel our diaper service with Amazon. And that…was just freaking awesome.


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