About the Author

I am a father, husband, student, game master, Halloween haunter, employee, and dreamer. I’m 44 years old, though I don’t feel a day over 12 most days. Aside from my amazing wife and super-awesome-amazing 3-year-old son, I also have a 12-year-old blind and mostly deaf puppy, Xander, and the world’s worst cat, Simon. We recently lost our really good kitty, Ossie, who was as big as my puppy (hyperbolic but kinda true) and smarter than me. I miss that cat. We got left with Simon. Life is not fair.

I am a long-time fantasy and science fiction writer that is working on completion of my very first novel: The Q’Naulstae Saga: Age of Heroes. This book is a labor of love mixed with my passion for high fantasy and combines perfectly with my love of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. My debut novel is actually based off a series of long-lasting Dungeons & Dragons (and now Pathfinder) campaigns that span more than 20 years of actual gameplay.

I plan to write three books in this saga initially:

  1. Age of Heroes – Arrival of the heroes to an alien and hostile world which they must embrace (and save) if they ever plan on returning home. This is the foundation for the epic series.
  2. Age of Winter – A sequel set 12 years after the first age dealing with the return of a powerful evil, and a secret that could save or destroy everything all over again.
  3. Age of Chaos – The dramatic conclusion to the epic story that challenges the paradigms of the past, witnesses the fall of gods, and celebrates the rise of new ones.

In parallel to writing the story of the first three campaigns (one book each), I’ve started a brand new campaign ( the 4th in the series that now spans 25 years of adventure!), but my writing is focused on the first campaign that started it all! While this has a great story I will have to wait and see how the campaign goes before I can commit to making this a fourth novel.

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Anyway, while I officially work as a Project Manager for Bank of America, my interest and hobbies are a far cry from my day job. While writing is my passion, telling stories is my true calling, whether it is through novels and short stories, entertaining a group of mesmerized role-players, or making up a brand new story about Pony Knights and Nap Dragons for my 3-year-old son’s bedtime routine, the blinding passion to create and entertain does not diminish. Even though every audience has a different need from those stories, it is the telling of those stories that matter the most.

My other creative enterprises often involve spending inordinate amounts of time preparing for the next haunting season of Halloween, While for most this is a day or two of decor, candy and costume shopping, and maybe a party or two, I am an avid Halloween fan and a self-proclaimed “haunter” that builds more and more elaborate Halloween decor each and every year. I treasure Halloween as the perfect meld of fantasy, gothic, and a little science fiction into a single season, where for 31 days a year, I get to be the biggest, scariest kid on my block!